RevCom is a web-based, workflow system that manages the development process for directives. It enables managers and employees through out the Department to participate in the review and approval of new or revised documents.

This documentation will help you understand your role in the RevCom System. NOTE: for a more detailed explanation see the guide listed at the bottom under References.


You will receive notification from RevCom that you have been assigned to review a document.
The notification will contain the RevCom Activity, such as Review and Comment; the Document number and title; the day that your review is due; any other Delegates or Reviewers that are also assigned; and a link to login to LANL RevCom

Logging In:

Once you have clicked the link to login to RevCom you will be presented with a screen to Choose your role. You will select Reviewers/USQ. The Reviewers login requires your official email address, you will not be asked for a password. On your first time logging in you will be asked to identify your organization.

Organization or Email Address Change:

To change the Organization or Email Address you click Accounts in the top menu to display the dropdown menu. Set Organization will allow you to change your organization. Set E-mail will allow you to update your email address in the system.

Documents Assigned to you for Review:

All documents that have been assigned to you by the Policy Point of Contact (PPOC) to review will be listed under Open for Comment. The activity or phase the document is currently in follows the title 

Adding Comments:

Clicking on the document listed under Open for Comment will open the document and allow you to review and comment. To comment on the document click on Add Comment to open a window to insert your comment. When you have finished making your comment be sure to select the type of comment, either Essential/Major or Suggested, and then Save Comment. When you have completed your review of the document and finished making comments you must choose Submit at the top of the screen to submit your comment package to your PPOC.

Comment Disposition:

Your comment may be included as representative of the organization or not included because it repeats a comment from another person, is not representative of the organization, etc. After your PPOC has submitted their comment package you can find the disposition of your comments. In the Reports menu select Quick and then choose Comment Disposition.

Reference Material:

Reviewer Guide

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