RevCom is a web-based workflow system that manages the development process for directives. It enables managers and employees through out the Department to participate in the review and approval of new or revised documents.

This documentation will help you understand your role in the RevCom system. NOTE: for a more detailed explanation see the guide listed at the bottom under Reference Material.

For a Monitor, RevCom allows a birds eye view of all posted documents with detail on accesses, comments, and submissions for each document activity. A Monitor does not review documents.

Logging In:

When you login to the NNSA Directives RevCom you will be presented with a screen to select your role. Choose Monitor and your username and password to login.

Document List:

Once logged in a Monitor Document List will display. The list is broken down into Open for Comment, Comment Review, and Review Completed. A current review status of each document and related data is displayed under each document title.


There are two links listed under the Reports menu, Acceptance report and SME main contributors. These reports provide additional information about participation in the document activity.


Select a specific document to see details about submissions. This will allow you see which organizations submitted comments about the selected document.

Reference Material:

Monitor Guide